Many parents see their children lose strength almost as soon as they start school. They do not want to get up in the morning, it is difficult to do their homework including go math 7th grade. Children become absent-minded.

Obviously, they simply ignore a lot of information. But the most unpleasant thing is that children often come home from school irritated or offended. And we don’t recognize our cute kids. Went to school in September like a holiday, and now sleepy, tortured and angry at everyone.

Are these the skills that the school provides? Or is it a payment for knowledge, which, as you know, cannot be given without difficulty? How does it happen that by gaining one thing, we lose another? Previously, the child could not read, but he was cheerful; now he can read, but for him reading is torment?

Unfortunately, we do not always see the reasons why this is happening. We see that the child is lazy, and we think that we should scold him. After all, he must learn and must try.

And, of course, children get it from both parents and teachers: deuces, remarks, endless notations … And they are not at all to blame. Our adult teaching methods are designed in such a way that they do not take into account the work of the brain. With such teaching, as it is now, the brain does not perceive information. Or perceives minimally, distorted, with large overloads and with a loss of strength.

Just don’t get upset right away, dear ones! We will not be able to remake the school system, and there is no need to worry about it. Fighting this powerful mechanism is also absolutely useless, but you can help your beloved children! You can give your kids the skills that will help them learn without losing strength. You can teach children to memorize a lot without feeling overwhelmed. You will increase their speed of thinking without any harm to health, but on the contrary, their strength will increase.

When does the brain absorb information easily?

Effective education is based on understanding how the brain perceives and processes information. And the very first condition for memorization is a calm state of consciousness, without stress and overload.

Therefore, for a start, it is important for us to remove the unnecessary stress that always accompanies schooling. And, if you are ready to try it, we will offer you a not quite standard approach to learning. It may seem unusual or too frivolous to you, some people like it right away, while others find it difficult. But, in any case, he is different.

The habitual way of teaching children is to put pressure on them. We think they need to be forced to learn and constantly monitored. But this is precisely what creates the very tension that dulls the process of perception. This is familiar to everyone, but it works very badly. And since this is repeated from day to day, the desire to learn from children disappears completely.

But children do not generally lose interest in learning, no! They are still interested in everything around. They cannot learn EXACTLY THIS WAY, out of a stick.

So let’s do it differently! Ready? Then let’s start playing!

For any child age, play is the easiest and most enjoyable activity. And do not deny them this pleasure. On the contrary, let’s use all the wonderful qualities of the game to release children from stress and help the head to work effectively.

We want to offer you some simple ways to include children in your studies that you can handle, even without knowing the intricacies of developmental learning.