Working with the breath in yoga is as important as doing asanas as confirmed by the authors of this article: Inhales and exhales are done through the nose. Slow long inhalations are followed by an equally long, sm

ooth exhalation. Each asana is performed for six breaths. When performing dynamic bindings movements are made in the rhythm of the natural breath, and not vice versa. If you bind the breath to the movement, it becomes more frequent, resulting in hyperventilation of the lungs. As a rule, bends are performed on the inhale and bends on the exhale.

To practice breathing through the nose, you should first sit down in the right position. It is recommended to take one of the comfortable positions: lotus pose, half-lotus pose, stool pose. The back should be straightened, the shoulders should be squared, and the hands should be placed on the knees. With a slouching back, shoulders thrown forward and a clamped diaphragm, breathing exercise will not do any good. In such a pose, it will not be possible to fully relax and achieve a sufficient degree of concentration. After the correct posture is adopted, you need to breathe measuredly through the nose, fully concentrating on the breathing process.