The main reason is the desire to appear as an adult, independently making decisions and read But where does this desperate longing for adulthood come from? To answer this question, you need to understand what psychological problem the child solves with the help of a cigarette:

get rid of anxiety and / or self-doubt;
increase your social rank;
establish communication with a specific person or group of people;
following the example of smoking parents;
boredom, which is generated by laziness and idleness.

The answers and are not always on the surface. Trying to understand why teenagers smoke, parents can torture with questions, interfere in the “investigation” of friends, teachers. This is the wrong tactic. There is nothing better than a frank conversation. But will the child make contact?

If the practice of confidential communication is established in the family, then there will be no problems with finding out why children smoke. But here lies the contradiction: as a rule, those teenagers who can easily discuss their concerns with their parents have no particular craving for experimenting with tobacco.