If a man just loves his mother, takes care of her and respects her opinion – is that enough to call him a sissy? Probably not. However, it is a collection of features. At least 3-5 out of 10:

Extremely close communication. Calls several times a day and a full report on where he is, what he does and what he ate.
Dependence on the opinion of the mother about https://argoprep.com/blog/student-centered-learning/. He didn’t just hear and take note, but turned his own position around 180 ° to please the parent.
Comparison with mother. He quotes her words, cites as an example: “But my mother cooks an omelette in a wrong way.”
Too frank communication. He tells his mother in detail about his love adventures, dedicates to all the affairs and even the secrets of other people.
Lack of independence. Allows mom to choose a wardrobe for herself, up to buying underwear. Has no taste of his own, consults with his mother about any purchases, trips, https://argoprep.com/blog/inquiry-based-learning/ etc.
She takes the side of her mother in conflicts. Even small quarrels lead to the idea that he always supports his mother in everything, although she may not be right.
Fulfills all the whims of mom. It is whims, not requests for help. Often at the same time, he pushes the needs of his family into the background. For example, a couple decided to spend the day in nature, and the man’s mother suddenly wanted to visit her great aunt. He cancels the outing and goes with her to visit.
Refuses to take responsibility for failures. Blames anyone: the weather, the situation in the country, other people. It would seem, what does mom and https://argoprep.com/blog/using-webbs-depth-of-knowledge-dok-to-make-your-class-effective/ have to do with it? But it was she who laid down the skill of shifting responsibility in childhood. It didn’t teach me to be independent, it didn’t give me the opportunity to make mistakes.
Can’t say no to mom. Any of her requests or persistent intervention is a reason to do exactly as she wants. Even if at the same time the mother violates the boundaries of her son or members of his family.
Depends on mom financially. This applies to guys who have not yet created their own family. Mama’s sons continue to live in their parents’ house, they give their salary to their mother. And she, in turn, graciously allocates a certain amount to her son for pocket expenses.

Do you know how men become sissy? Very simple! It is enough to adhere to the majority of the indicated points in the upbringing of the boy.