The chakra is located near the thyroid gland. More information is available here: The color of the chakra is blue, turquoise. The mantra for the chakra is “Ham”. The chakra is associated with the element of ether. The ether cannot be felt by any of the five senses, but nevertheless it permeates everything. And this characterizes the Vishuddha chakra in the best way. It’s a very subtle energy, but it’s also very powerful. On this level, compassion for others is already manifested in a more benign quality, and there is practically no passion or impulsive desire to “do good” to everyone. Vishuddha-chakra is somewhat similar to Manipura-chakra, but in a more perfect form. Businessmen, thinkers, managers, and scientists are also at this level of consciousness, but at a higher level of development. And here the question of motivation is important. If on the level of Manipura, you’re motivated by the thirst for material accumulation, then on the level of Vishuddha, you’re motivated by the desire to change the world for the better, to bring something new into it. At the level of this chakra is also the consciousness of rulers, noble warriors who strive to establish law, order, and justice. Militancy is probably the main manifestation of Vishuddha chakra. And at each level of development this quality will manifest in a different way. Somebody will change the world by violence (but not for the sake of violence as in Muladhara, but with a desire to do good), and somebody will change the world by spreading knowledge (this is a higher level). Negative manifestations of the chakra are pride, propensity to aggressive forms of polemics and imposing one’s point of view as the only true one. But the motivation even with these negative manifestations is almost always altruistic. Developed Vishuddha chakra gives one eloquence and the gift of persuasion. Leaving the body through this chakra guarantees reincarnation in the world of “asuras” – demigods.