To say that bullying and shsat prep refers exclusively to the problems of modern children in school would be cunning. Sad confirmation of this can be found in the film “Scarecrow” (directed by Rolan Bykov), the cartoon “Blue Puppy” (directed by Efim Gamburg), the fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling” by G. Kh. Andersen and other works. From modern cinema, the film “Miracle” (2017) is interesting. Fortunately, this phenomenon is rare in the initial link, but it is important for adults to know how to prevent such situations between classmates.

What are the signs to understand that a child has been a victim of bullying?

torn clothes, textbooks, notebooks after school;
traces of injuries that are not naturally explained, not related to the game, accidental fall, cat;
the student never brings home classmates or other peers, very rarely spends time with them;
there is not a single friend with whom you can play, go to the cinema, take a walk, go in for sports, talk on the phone;
the child is never invited to the holidays or he himself does not want to see anyone at a party, he believes that no one will come;
fear or unwillingness to go to school, poor appetite in the morning, frequent headaches, abdominal pain;
long and uncomfortable way from home to school;
restless sleep, crying in a dream;
decrease in academic performance and interest in learning;
unhappy, upset appearance, frequent mood swings, irritability, outbursts;
the child demands or steals money from the parents.
Of course, based on one or two signs, it cannot be argued that bullying takes place. But if the son or daughter confirms this, then you definitely need to take action!

How to deal with bullying and simplifying ratios worksheet?
Where to find information

The anti-bullying program for schools includes an anti-bullying charter and two methodological manuals – for children and for teachers. It is also useful for parents to get acquainted with the program for creating a psychologically safe atmosphere in educational institutions. You will learn how to recognize bullying, how children behave in situations of bullying, how adults can overcome this phenomenon in children’s groups.

What else can be done about the problem of bullying in an educational organization

sad moment Elementary Age Bullying in Schoolyard

The sooner you learn about bullying, the easier and faster you can correct the current situation. Be sure to contact the class teacher, psychologist, social pedagogue and representatives of the school administration. If there is a school mediation (reconciliation) service, then feel free to use its capabilities. At the class parent meeting, be sure to discuss the situation. It is important to convey the idea that bullying is not a problem of one person, but a disease of the team. The negative effects of bullying will affect everyone:

the aggressor has a rapidly growing risk of taking a criminal path;

the victim’s self-esteem decreases, a feeling of his own insignificance arises, a desire to take revenge appears and read fun questions to ask kids;

witnesses of bullying get stronger fear, tension, moral values ​​are distorted;

teachers expect uncontrollability of the team, a decrease in academic performance in the classroom;

parents face a loss of interest in learning and unpredictable relationships with children.

The task of adults is to help the class cope with bullying. Children must understand that poisoning is mean, and pretending that nothing special is happening is cowardice. There will definitely be those who stand up for the victim of bullying. The more children show a negative attitude towards bullying and the aggressor, the faster teachers and specialists from the socio-psychological service will neutralize the instigators of bullying and bring classmates closer.
If parents and teachers ignore the situation, consider transferring the student to another educational organization. A stable self-esteem and a strong psyche of a child are more important than any parental principles.