Vishuddha-chakra and the causal body are responsible for working with information. The interrelation of the thin shell and the energy center is based upon this. Vishuddha-chakra’s work depends on the state of causal body and This interrelation works both ways. If a person’s vishuddha-chakra is failing, it’s an indicator of weakness of the causal shell. How is the causal body weakened through the vishuddha-chakra?

When one constantly compares oneself to others, and this comparison lowers one’s self-esteem, leading to jealousy and envy. Such emotions are negative and disturb the flow of positive energy that vishuddha needs for wisdom, knowledge, and constructive communication. As a result, there is no understanding of oneself, one’s place in life, or one’s dharma-the true path. One remains in the field of emotions and thoughts, most often negative ones, and cannot use the resources of the causal body, since all the energy is spent on experiencing and life’s metamorphosis. Physical shell can suffer because of diseases of endocrine system related to condition of vishuddha-chakra and causal body. Difficulties with adaptation in society is another problem caused by a blocked causal shell.