Very often a situation occurs when children do not behave correctly in the presence of adults, interrupt them and interfere with talking about My friend noticed that as soon as she picks up the phone to talk or, having met a friend, hurries to tell some news, her daughter immediately interrupts, demands attention by any means, up to screams and tantrums. No matter how much she explains to the girl that you can’t behave like that and interrupt the conversation of the elders, everything repeats again.

How to teach a child not to interfere with an adult to talk?
The habit of interrupting adults is common to many children. They seem to be in a hurry to tell some news, afraid to forget about it, while the parent is distracted by his conversations. The child definitely needs something if he sees that his mother is talking on the phone. How to wean him from this habit?

Another friend of mine told me that she was visiting a friend, and she was very surprised by the behavior of her little daughter. While they were talking in the kitchen about, her three-year-old daughter approached a friend and put her pen in her mother’s palm. And so she held her hand while her mother finished the sentence. After that, she turned to the girl, asked what she wanted, and carefully began to listen to her.

It turns out that a child can easily ask for attention, without interrupting the conversation of the elders. It is enough to agree in advance on the correct behavior when an adult is busy talking. If the child wants to say something, he does not need to scream, but just put his hand on his mother. She will understand everything and when she finishes the sentence, she will ask “What do you want?”.

Try to teach your baby this simple rule, practice a little and you will succeed.