Homeschooling and, like work, on the one hand, is convenient, on the other hand, there are a lot of distractions. Our article will help parents teach their child not to be distracted by extraneous things and be attentive.

How can you help your child to be attentive and not be distracted in remote classes?

While the world is going through a pandemic, children now and then have to study remotely. But this time cannot be perceived as a vacation, because this state of affairs can be delayed, and the educational process does not wait.

At the same time, it is difficult for children to focus on their studies, to devote several hours a day to it, when control is minimal and distractions are many.

How can you help your child focus in class?

– Maintain contact with the child, talk

School is not only classes, but also socialization and Losing it, the child can fall into apathy and anxiety. Parents need to take this into account. Sometimes a child will just need to lie down and rest, because the line between learning and rest has blurred, the house is no longer perceived as a place for relaxation.

– Stick to a daily routine

If you let the day go by itself, then learning will be constantly delayed. Compulsory hours should be allocated for it, as well as for sports, recreation, communication with friends. Classes should not take up all the free time of the student.

– Keep yourself and your child in a resource

To do this, the resource needs to be replenished: change types of activity, watch educational videos instead of reading books, listen to music, watch movies, do household chores, sports, games for the whole family.

– Keep in touch with teachers

For teachers, the current situation is also new and unusual, it is also difficult for them to work with children remotely. Try to understand how the learning process is going and give the teacher feedback so that he can improve his work.

– Equip a place for training

The productivity of the lesson will be reduced to zero if the child watches it online, sitting in his pajamas in his own bed. Agree that before the start of classes you need to prepare, as for a regular school: have breakfast, do all hygiene procedures, change clothes, warm up – and then proceed.