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Supporters in Voice

We have shared our electronic "back of the envelope" plan with the following people and in turn they have agreed to become Supporters in Voice.  That is, they are intrigued, interested, and supportive of the Lab's mission. We thank them for this vote of confidence.

David Hiller / President and Founder of DLH Engineering
"Central Oregon is in need of something like Da Vinci's Lab.  We need to get kids excited about math and science education.  Da Vinci's Lab may be one way to do this -- student's getting credit for 'real work' in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics." Dec 2011

Jeri Janowsky / Executive Director at Saturday Academy
Jan 2012

Lori King 
Jan 2012

Cassie Kottkamp / Former Business Owner 
"The idea of enhancing our high school curriculum utilizing distance learning techniques seems like a step into our future.  Obviously we need to do more with fewer resources and taking advantage of technology is a brilliant solution.  I would not be surprised to see this model developed on a state wide or national level." Dec 2011

David Kottkamp / Former Nike Vice-President
"Real success takes preparation.  Our global competition is doing exactly that. To maintain and expand US global tech and economic leadership  depends on recruiting  and preparing our next generation of inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs.  Da Vinci's Lab can make that happen now, right here in Central Oregon." Dec 2011

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