Our Mission

The mission of the Lab is educate high school students in applied math and science through public / private partnerships. The goal is to supplement, not duplicate or replicate, math and science education in our local high schools.

The Lab is modeled after Leonardo da Vinci the inventor, engineer, mathematician, and artist.  Like many of Leonardo da Vinci's "grand designs", our endeavor is a "grand experiment".

What the Lab does:
  • identifies teaching and instructional materials available in public domain that can be the basis for a math / science course
  • develops certification / proficiency requirements for courses
  • obtains approval from schools and school districts to ensure that Lab courses meet District criteria for 'Credit for Proficiency"
  • markets courses to students
  • identifies course instructors
  • assists instructors in developing class materials (on-line and in classroom)
  • assists instructors in teaching methodologies, specifically those that incorporate elements of on-line learning
  • delivers math and science courses
  • reports course results to students / schools / school districts

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