"New Frontiers" in Educational Symposium
Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
 6 to 8 pm @ the Oxford Hotel
 Bend, Oregon

This event has already occurred.  However, the presentation materials (slides and speaker notes) are below along with the orignal event call out.

Presentation Slides:

Speaker Notes:

The purpose of the symposium is to be a high level "show and tell" of several new technology platforms that have emerged in the last 6 months (i.e Udacity, Coursera, and MITx).  These platforms and associated organizations have the potential to radically alter education, both directly and indirectly, at the college and high school levels. In the symposium we will examine key and innovative features of each platform and look at where they fall short.  Most importantly, we will also examine opportunities for schools to learn from the endeavors of these organizations and how to leverage off of what has been done to date. In education speak, this symposium is about “flipped instruction, hybrid learning, blended models, and learning management systems” and more.

Audience: Public school administrators, teachers and community leaders.  

Kevin English, the Executive Director of Da Vinci’s Lab.  The Labs is a non-profit start up focusing on providing technical education opportunities for high school students through public private partnerships.  For the past 6 months Kevin’s professional work has been related to the endeavors of Udacity, Coursera, and MITx.  

This has included:
- participating in classes by Udacity, Coursera, and MITx and completing several courses, 
- meeting with Udacity in San Francisco for 3 days to share thoughts on pedagogy, learning, and design and delivery of education in these new formats, 
- teaching two extra-curricular high school classes using Udacity and Coursera, 
- recording a mini-unit for Udacity and 
- designing and producing a sequence of lessons on basic probability using a model similar to that of Udacity

Contact Info:
Kevin B. English
Executive Director Da Vinci’s Lab
KevinBEnglish @ gmail dot com

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