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NYT - Stanford AI Course

posted Jan 3, 2012 6:47 AM by Kevin English
We have been keenly watching the "grand experiment" in teaching that two Stanford professors undertook in the fall of 2011.  Over 168,000 people enrolled in an on-line Introductory to Artificial Intelligence course and 38,000+ turned in the first homework assignment.  

Read the full article from the New York Times here.

And .... be sure to read the comments (click on the comments icon), some very interesting thoughts about this "grand experiment", both positive and negative.

One example:
"This model of education has profound implications for K-12 public schools. We'll first see the effects at the high-school level, most likely via a mass exodus to alternative, better, and ironically lower cost forms of education.

The notion that a child attends his or her neighborhood school, with 30 other children of the same age, but varying ability and interests, usually led by a teacher with mediocre credentials only made sense when most kids were slated for big company jobs in a manufacturing oriented economy. Now that we are in an innovation oriented economy we need to move beyond institutionalizing our children for 13 years. Instead, we need to engage them in the real world."
Dave W. / Tempe, AZ

Another example:
"The whole nature of education, especially in high school should migrate to this model. Homework should be the online lecture, and the actual problem solving, aka learning, happens at school, with the teacher actually teaching instead of wasting time lecturing. I know this would work better for my children where I spend a fair amount of my time actually teaching math and science.
Paul / Verbank, NY

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