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What if ...

....high schools provided credit for learning that took place outside of traditional "brick and mortar" schools?

Recently two professors from Stanford University's Engineering Department took on essay writers at  The two professors are world renowned in Artificial Intelligence.  They decided to offer their "basic" artificial intelligence course in the Fall of 2011 to anyone, world wide and free of charge.

Over 160,000 people enrolled in the course.  Over 38,000 people completed the first assignment. Over 30,000 people completed all the homework assignments, midterm, and final.  The homework and exams were  graded -- graded for mastery.  If you mastered the content, you received a certificate of completion and your ranking within the class.

What if .... we allowed our high school students to take this class?  What if .... we provided those students with a local instructor --  an engineer, mathematician, or physicist that could help our high school students along? What if .... we gathered our high school students on a weekly basis to discuss the class and the problems at hand? What if....our students passed the class and earned the certificate?   

Think about it .... our students ... in Central Oregon .... getting a world class education, from some of the best experts in the field.  

Our mission at the Lab is to identify these opportunities, market these opportunities to high school students, and find local coaches / instructors who can work with and alongside our students through such courses.